Wife’s First Pheasant

I took my wife, Lacey, to Double Barrel Ranch, just south of Spokane, WA. This was her first ever pheasant hunt. We did well, but to be honest we missed a couple birds. Either way, we had a blast and it was well worth the trip, we will definitely be going back.

On a side note, Lacey and I started a new YouTube channel. This channel is all about cooking and nothing about guns or ammo. Anyone who’s followed me knows I post some cooking videos from time to time but I no longer want to mix the videos. On top of that, YouTube continues to whip my ass when it comes to monitoring my videos, I even had a video removed. So, perhaps I can get enough followers on the new channel to make a few bucks. The food channel supports the gun channel, that’s my goal!

Here’s a link to the new channel if anyone is interested in subscribing and watching a few videos. I need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to get monetized from YouTube. If you do visit and subscribe to the new channel, thanks in advance!

Here’s that link: https://youtube.com/channel/UCtQuJXWK25NbzS2ey5ctgyQ


Curt & Lacey


Wife's First Pheasant 3

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