PCW3000 Portable Winch – First Test

Whether you’re logging and need to haul trees out of the bush, hunting and need to pull that moose out of a bad spot or stuck with your truck and no one around to help you, a portable, gas-powered chainsaw like this is a might good idea to have.

A fine, Canadian-made product (except for the Honda engine), it can do a straight pull of up to 1,500 lbs (or double that with the use of two-rope, pulley setup). There’s a lot you can do with a little rig like this.

The nice thing about this winch’s design is that you are not limited in the length of rope you can run through it because it doesn’t build up on the spool (it just runs through). So, if you had enough rope, you could pull something out a kilometer away.

I purchased this one at Timberland Supply in Edmonton. The cost was $1,184.00 (Cdn).

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