TEN SPEED-DE-CAPPER UNITS …..headed for test/trials and “Try b4 u buy” rentals after testing!

“Try b4 u buy” Get your buddies and all their brass together for a few beers and crank them out! Here’s how!

TEN SPEED-DE-CAPPER UNITS .....headed for test/trials and "Try b4 u buy" rentals after testing! 1

Spee-De-Capper Test and Trial Rental Agreement

Spee-De-Cappers may be available on a test and trial rental basis. This allows you to evaluate the device with no further cost than the agreed rental fee and return shipping. Contact me for availability or get your name on the list for the next available one. I will contact you when I have one available. Rentals are on a first come, first serve basis. No obligation to purchase.

The agreement is as follows:
(1) You must sign and return this agreement page with a deposit payment of $1000. Personal check, cashiers check, or money orders only are accepted.
(2) After the payment clears, a used rental unit will ship, postage paid. A signature will be required.
(3) You have up to 30 days from the day of receipt to use the unit.
a. Instructions on use and lubrication must be followed.
b. Contacts will be provided for assistance or questions.
(4) If you wish to return it, send it prepaid with signature required to the address below, post marked on or before the 30th day after receipt or sooner. If you wish to own it, simply do not return it. No refunds, no guarantees, no warranty. Your total cost $1000.
(5) Upon return of the unit within 30 days, you will promptly be refunded $800. via my personal check, Fifth Third bank.
(6) $200 is the rental fee for 30 days or less and is not refundable. IMPORTANT! Please note: ON DAY 31 YOU OWN THE UNIT. No returns, no refunds, no guarantees and no warranty. It must be returned post marked no later than 30 days from the date of receipt or you will not be refunded.
(7) Like it, but want a brand new one instead? Simply return the unit with an additional payment of $150. You will then be shipped the latest, updated, improved version, brand new, unused except for initial testing. No returns, no warranty, no guarantees. Returning rentals get top priority on new available units. Your exclusive total cost for a NEW unit will be $1150.
(8) If you wish to purchase a NEW unit without rental first, please check with me for availability. The price is $1250. No returns, no warranty and no guarantees at this point. When the “Test and Trial Rental ” program ends, I assume we will have a warranty.
(9) Feeders do not ship with any units. The unit accepts a LEE indexable four tube feeder and collator, bolts provided. You are responsible for feeding the unit from your bowl feeder or purchasing a LEE UNIVERSAL CASE FEEDER #90242 and a LEE COLLATOR # 90667, about $50. total from MIDWAYUSA.COM or elsewhere.
(10) Disassembly is allowed for cleaning and maintenance and is no more complicated than that of an average pistol. However, NO modifications are allowed to be made on any part of units to be returned. Two punch pins will be sent. The unit is expected to be returned as it was received with reasonable, normal wear and tear from mounting and use.

US patent #10,712,139 B2 has been issued for this device. FAIR WARNING.

Mail and return address:
Mark Heyboer
37 Marcus St
Grand Rapids, MI 49548

Serial # of rented unit:_________________
Date shipped: ____/____/_________
Post mark date received:___/____/_______
Post mark date returned:___/___/________

Renter name and address:

I (Print name)____________________________________ AGREE to the above contract and hold Mark Heyboer free from any liabilities what so ever arising from the the use of the above rented equipment. I understand that it is my sole responsibility for any and every liability possible while the equipment is in my possession. I agree that Mark Heyboer will have sole discretion on the returnability of the rented equipment and will exercise fair judgement in regards to the returned condition.
Signed: X___________________________________________________ Date:______________________


Any business or exchange of money between users, customers, and Mark Heyboer are strictly between said users, customers, and Mark Heyboer, and are in no way endorsed, guaranteed by, or related to The Reloaders Network or the officers thereof.

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