Lyman 21 Peepsight & 50-110 450 gr Swift A frame bullets

This receiver sight, based on Lyman’s famous 1895 patented Model #21 sight, is designed to operate on most models of Winchester Model 95, 86 rifles and Marlin leverguns. Consisting of machined steel and brass components entirely made in the USA, the sight comes with what you see plus three full pages of instructions. Comes with a tap, which is needed on most firearms, please read the instructions. The manufacturer states that saddle rings and studs MUST be removed from firearms for this to work on your saddle ring carbine.
Bullet information .509 450 gr
In 2012, Swift will introduce its new “Lever Action Series.” These new bullets are a re-configured A-Frame design. This new design allows the bullet to open up at very low velocities (1200 fps), which is critical in these slow moving cartridges. On the high end of the velocity scale the bullet functions well up to approximately 2700 fps. For deer size animals to dangerous game, these new A-Frame bullets offer maximum performance from your lever action rifle never before achievable.

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