WCChapin | 41 Magnum – Part VI – NOE 412-220-SWC over Unique at Johnson’s Mosquito Ranch

Wrapping up the evening shooting before sharing a pizza with my friend Mark Johnson – a good time to try recently casted 41 Magnum bullets.

The bullets were cast during a recent live stream, and were later hardness tested in one of my other 41 Magnum videos.

41 Magnum RP Brass
NOE 412-220-SWC approximately 23 BHN
Pan Lubed NRA Formula 50/50 Beeswax/Alox Mix
Sized with NOE Push Through Die and .411 Body Bushing
10.1 Grains / 1.36 cc Alliant Unique
Federal Large Pistol Primer
Forster Sizing Die
LEE Universal Case Expanding Die with NOE 413×409 Expander
Hornady Custom Grade 41 Mag Seating Die with custom turned seating stem

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