Sig320 First Shots with 31 Year Old Ammo

We have all seen this question before. How Long can you keep your ammo?

Sig320 Compact with Wilson Extended Slide Stop and Sig Flat Trigger being shot for the very first time. With 147gr hardball ammo from 1990, yes correct from 1990. If you maintain the ammo appropriately to manufacturer spec it can sit on the shelf for a long time.

Today most manufacturers guarantee shelf life of their ammunition to be at minimal a decade. When stored appropriately, which usually means in a cool, dry, dark, temperature controlled place.

Many military surplus rounds have been fired with much longer shelf life but it is extremely important you completely understand it’s lineage and how it was stored. This 9mm ball ammunition has been in my family since it’s purchase over 31 years ago. Even though I am very well aware of the life of this ammo I did disassemble one round looking for signs of deterioration, powder with hi ammonia like smell, rust or discoloration around the primer or case.

Aged ammo or ammo you are unsure about is better off being destroyed. I know it is hard to think about destroying ammo during this time of pandemic and ammunition shortage but it is not worth a life. I am sure many of you have seen Scott’s video from Kentucky Ballistics. If not or if you think I am totally over blowing this topic about the dangers of aged ammo please go see his 50 Cal Milsurp video.

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