WCChapin | Arisaka Update – Six Days In | Cleaning Up a Type 99 Kokura Arsenal Series 20 Short Rifle

A brief update, six days into the Type 99 Arisaka project. With a bit more cleaning and a few small replacement parts, it will be ready for the range.

Like other old military rifles that I have purchased, this one just misses being something really special. It’s a drag that someone modified the stock and drilled a hole through the lower tang, forever scarring a mostly matching (all but the extractor), complete early Type 99 Arisaka with an in tact mum.

With a little creative shaping, I have made the modifications to the stock a bit less objectionable, and I am working on straightening up the mess that was made of the front sight base until I source a suitable replacement.

I’m hoping to have the rifle shooting soon enough to particpate in another upcoming military rifle shoot. Depending on the time needed to obtain replacement parts, I may have to wait an additional month for the Arisaka to make it’s debut.

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