Wolf Match Extra Lapua/SK vs Eley: CZ455 Lothar Walther Barrel

Up until about 2018 Wolf 22LR ammunition was made by SK/JAGD/Lapua. About that time, 2018 it changed to be produced by Eley.

For clarity SK is a Lapua owned company and SK along with Wolf ammunition was being made in Germany. Actual Lapua ammunition is made in Germany also but is based out of Finland. Eley branded ammunition on the other hand is made out of the UK.

All though the Wolf brand is very popular mainly known for it’s steel cased 7.62×39 ammunition. For years now it has branched out with other calibers including 22LR. But Wolf is actually not am ammunition maker it is an importer, distributor, exporter as a company.

When I see big changes like this it is usually driven or backed with some sort of financial business case. Meaning Eley under bid Lapua/SK for the contract. Though there is another frame of thought that plays out as SK wanting to focus more on their brand as it has gained popularity in the 22LR world.

My bet or intuition tells me this was driven financially as there is plenty of room for both brands to exist. But that is intuition let’s gather the data shoot it across the chronograph on target and see what the data tells us.  

Is there a real difference comment down below?

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