WCChapin | Houghton Hancock Handgun – .32/20 Winchester Contender Barrel from the Upper Peninsula

While my Son and I were visiting the campus of Michigan Tech in Houghton, Michigan we visited Northwoods Sporting Goods in Hancock – just across the lift bridge over the Portage Canal.

I purchased two Thompson/Center Contender barrels during the visit: this 10″ .32/20 Winchester, and also a .357 Herrett Super 14 which will be shown in an upcoming video.

It took a bit of experimentation with the adjustments to figure out the Konus Sight-Pro Atomic 2.0 Small Dot Sight. The markings on the windage adjustment knob had faded; I couldn’t tell which way to turn it! I may replace the dot with some other sort of optic, or perhaps replace the iron sights.

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