Free Plans To Make Your Own ATV Cargo Box!

When we’re hunting or on the trapline with the (new to us) ’06 Honda TRX 500 we acquired recently, there are certain things we will need to take along; the big chainsaw for instance (felling trees now for a cabin next year).

I made a set of scale plans for this cargo box design so they can be shared. Watch to the end of the video to see my email address displayed. You can use that to contain me and request your own set of free plans.

The box is a tad taller than I’d prefer, but it had to be in order to house the large saw I use (a Stihl MS 661C). The box could be made a good 3 or 4 inches lower in height for the saws most people run.

A rifle is always nice to have along too. Plus I have an authorization to carry my .44 Mag revolver, so that has its own, special requirements (to comply with Canadian law, as soon as you hop on a motorized vehicle, your handgun has to be taken out of your holster, have a trigger lock put on it and then be placed inside a locked container. [1]) I think I’ve satisfied both firearm needs when making this cargo box, along with the ability to carry the chainsaw.

I’m quite happy with the solution. Using just two U-bolts equipped with wing nuts, the box attaches absolutely rock solid to the quad’s front rack (aided by the matching tenon shape on the underside, mating precisely to the quad’s rack).

Key to making something like this is to test-fit as you go – making sure nothing interferes with your handlebars when turning for instance. Forgetting things like that can really bite you once it’s too late to change.

Having a couple of U-bolts pointing to the inside of the container for bungee attachment points is also a good idea and provides a lot of flexibility when holding various objects in place (like water jugs, gas cans and oil).

After construction, I took everything apart and finish-sanded the surfaces, applied a natural wood stain and two coats of Varathane to help protect the wood from the elements.

_[1] Yeah, I made the small gun box myself too, since there’s nothing on the market long enough to hold my handgun, due to its 10-5/8″ barrel._

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