WCChapin | Fun & Games with 350 Rem Mag – 100 Yard Milk Jug Plinking with the Model 7 KS

Wrapping up the evening’s shooting at Johnson’s Mosquito Ranch with a shot at a water filled milk jug.

Remington Custom Shop Model Seven KS – .350 Remington Magnum
Leupold VX-3HD 1.5-5×20 CDS-ZL
Projectionless one-piece rings and bases (Unsure if the rings are Gentry or K&S, and potentially Gentry or Conetrol bases)
Harris Bipod

Remington Brass & Primer
Remington 200 grain Core-Lokt round Nose bullet
50.0 grains IMR 3031

Leave a comment if you are interested in further information regarding the handloading procedures that I use for this cartridge.

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