WCChapin | Is It “The Wiggler”? – The LEE TL309-230-5R in 300 Blackout

Putting a few 300 Blackout “Missiles” on target at Johnson’s Mosquito Ranch. Special thanks to my friend Mark Johnson for the camera work and a chicken dinner!

I messed up and left my GSL Multi-Cal suppressor at home on a different 300 Blackout, so these shots were fired unsuppressed.

Both Mark and I were fidgety from the attacking mosquitos – we hurried to get the shots downrange and spent a minimal amount of time downrange where the bugs were unbearable.

My 150 yard hold on the 8″ gong turned out to be a bit low – The 2 1/2 Mil holdover was just catching the bottom of the gong, and a couple broke the flanges off the T post support just below the target.

I did a poor job with the target review at 150 yards…the impacts at the top of the gong were actually from my Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Tactical shooting CCI Clean 22 Subsonic through a GSL Woodland suppressor. It’s amazing how well it shoots.

Ruger American Ranch, 300 Blackout
SWFA SS 10×42 Mil-Dot Side Focus, 1/4 MOA Adjustments
Harris Bipod
Converted LC Brass (LEE Full Length Sizing Die) and neck expanded with a Lyman 30 Caliber M Die
CCI 400 Primer
LEE TL309-230-5R, wheel weight blend, water quenched, as cast, tumble lubed with LEE Liquid Alox
9.3 Grains IMR 4227
Seated to the crimp groove – approximately magazine length
Light Crimp with LEE Factory Crimp Die

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