The Lee APP Press Video Series – Part 2 The Model T Of Reloading Presses? Loading The 38 Auto

Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to spend some range time with Dave ThoresAxe up in Washington State. I’d like to get his opinion on my Colt 38 Super Comp gun shooting a variety of 38 Automatic and 38 Super ammo…Let’s use the Lee APP Press to do the reloading job…the Model T of reloading presses?… – full of innovation at a low price point…The Lee AP Press has been in the hands of reloaders worldwide by now and thoroughly tested by now – or has it? The design that still appears flimsy with various press parts seemingly lacking in strength or durability keeps many reloaders from using this press. However, once the press is evaluated in real time, these are not of any significant issue. The press has the reputation of amazing speed in processing brass actually prevents some reloaders not needing such speed from acquiring this press. Plus the reported quirks in the use of this press have prevented many from giving this “processing” press a try. This press has now joined the reloading armaments of the Hot Lead Zone Express. The full video evaluation including not seen before information on this press will be posted in the 3 Circles…the press is available at MidwayUSA for $70 – $90.

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