My Gratitude for The Reloaders Network

My Gratitude for The Reloaders Network

As I sit here working at my desk, drinking coffee from a “Make Ammo Great Again” mug, my mind wanders, I reminisce, thinking of all the great folks I have met from The Reloaders Network. Those of us who make our own ammunition tend to have similar traits and personalities and create a “fraternity of powder burners”. Common traits include; self reliance, working with our hands, generosity, inner strength and love of freedom. Of course, we are all individuals with differing strengths, abilities, beliefs and experiences, in varying measure. The ability to share our experience and knowledge with each other on a large scale is a gift we have been given due to the age we live in. To build camaraderie and friendship over the internet is a blessing that I have enjoyed the last several years and I want to express my gratitude to all those who have been a part of that.

I love the smell of powder in the morning. In fact, I love the smell of powder anytime. It doesn’t even have to be burnt powder. Anyone who who has opened a fresh can of Varget knows what I am talking about. But I don’t want to get side tracked on the aromatic qualities and different fragrances of smokeless powders so I will move on (the new formulation Unique just doesn’t have the same ‘bouquet’ as the old stuff). We have a bond that is special. Some who read this will think the cheese has fallen off my sandwich, but I am serious. We have a bond that is special. We don’t all agree on everything, that is not what I am saying. Those who put as much time, effort and money into a common endeavor like reloading have a special bond. By default, I am including shooters in this since we must be shooters if we are reloading ammunition. I get great joy when interacting with others online brings us together. I am saddened when it tears us apart. In my experience, the positives have far outweighed the negatives and many people have become friends and helped me in ways they would never know. I will not name names, but they will know who they are when they read this.

When setting up my press to load some ammunition I realized the shell holder I used was sent to me from a guy I met online. One night we were chatting when he said “You need a better shell holder, I think I have an extra, PM me your address.” and the next thing I know I get shell holders sent to me. I grabbed some brass out of the drawer for the same loads I am making and it is brass cases that were sent to me by someone else I am friends with online. The bullets that will be seated in those cases, you guessed it, sent from a third person who reached out to me and said “I am making some of these bullets, would like to try them in your new gun?” and of course, I was honored to receive them.

I have been sent brass, lead, and bullets besides the ones I just mentioned. In each case, I have no tangible way to repay or thank those who have been generous to me. I endeavor to be a blessing to others the way I have been blessed. That is all I really can do.

The first time the “Reloading Community” (as it is commonly called) really squeezed my heart and made me realize I needed to do more for others, a box came in the mail and I had no idea what was inside. Contained in that box was a lead hardness test kit stand that is sold on the Reloaders Network store. Someone I barely knew sent it to me when I was going through one of the hardest times of my life. There was a note inside that explained, the giver saw in a chat what I was dealing with and wanted to send me something. As I read the note out loud, my wife started crying, I started crying. We both were moved by the generosity of a ‘stranger’. Anyone who who thinks reloaders are just a bunch of grumpy guys who don’t care about other people is dead wrong.

I have been given sound advice about reloading, firearms, shooting, and equipment. I have been prayed for, lifted up and encouraged. I try to reciprocate. You all have no idea how much gratitude I have for you or what it has meant to me having you as friends and acquaintances. Hopefully now you know.

I have never been one that wanted to get things from other people. I never set out to do a mail call or be part of a gift giving spree. The genuine caring and generosity of the people in the reloading community has been a blessing to me and I hope to be a blessing to others. Thank you all for your kindness. It means more than I can express. Thank you to all who have contributed to The Reloaders Network and been a part of the online community here. Thank you to “Loads Of Bacon” for starting it and running it, I know it is a labor of love and not easy. Thank you to all those who have enriched my life and the lives of others through your generosity and care.

With that, I am going to go pop open a can of IMR 4064 and give it a good sniff. Have a great day everyone and try to be a blessing to somebody.

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