.223 Rem – 75gr Hornady BTHP with 19 powders

I’m trying every powder and load that was mentioned in the comments section of last week’s video.
We’re shooting the 75gr Hornady BTHP with Cannelure and this is the powder list:
Shooters World Match Rifle
Accurate 2520
Alliant Power Pro 2000-MR
Alliant Power Pro 4000-MR
Hodgdon H4895
IMR 4895
IMR 4064
Hodgdon Varget
Alliant Reloder 15
VihtaVuori N140
Hodgdon H322
VihtaVuori N135
Hodgdon Benchmark
IMR 8208 XBR
Alliant AR-Comp
Ramshot TAC
Winchester 748
Hodgdon CFE 223
Hodgdon BL-C(2)

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