WCChapin | A Video from the Bench | Loading 8mm Mauser – Even though I said 7×57!

Testing a different camera and video recording setup at while loading a handful of 8×57 Mauser rounds for my Kar98k Sporter that I didn’t get around to completing during a recent live stream.

The powder charges were selected from optimum barrel time simulations in Gordon’s Reloading Tool software.

45.9 Grains IMR 4166
46.4 Grains IMR 4166

Canadian Dominion 7.92 MM 44 Surplus Brass – annealed and neck sized with a LEE Collet Die
Hornady #3235 8mm .323″ 170 Grain RN Interlock
Remington 9 1/2 Large Rifle Primer
Seated to Cannelure

Gordon’s Reloading Tool https://www.grtools.de

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