WCChapin | Kar98k Sporter at 100 Yards – Groups with 8mm Mauser Rounds Loaded in a Recent Video

A blustery day at Johnson’s Mosquito Ranch with plenty of shooting fun. Mark and I plinked around with reduced 30-30 loads in our 94 Winchesters, tried a recently purchased GP100, hit steel with the 32-20 Contender, put a few more rounds through a Type 99, and fit in some time to evaluate two 8×57 Mauser loads.

I’ve been working with IMR 4166 in the Kar98k with good results. The 46.4 grain charge under a Hornady 170 RN Interlock was calculated after entering velocity data into Gordon’s Reloading tool.

GRT has predicted good performing loads for this Mauser Sporter and also my 1917 Enfield Sporter. See my other videos for more information about this rifle.

1940 337 Gustloff Werke Karabiner 98 k – sporterized
Ru Ruhrstahl AG barrel blank
Geco finished barrel
Weaver bases / Leupold Rifleman rings / Leupold M8-4X scope

45.9 Grains IMR 4166
46.4 Grains IMR 4166

Canadian Dominion 7.92 MM 44 Surplus Brass – annealed and neck sized with a LEE Collet Die
Hornady 3235 8mm .323″ 170 Grain RN Interlock
Remington 9 1/2 Large Rifle Primer
Seated to Cannelure

Gordon’s Reloading Tool https://www.grtools.de

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