TKVQVictory-Tandemkross & S&W Victory 22

S&W Victory All Tricked Out

In 2016 S&W announced the birth of the S&W Victory 22.  Since then it has grown in popularity, and now Smith and Wesson even has a performance center brand, though I decided to go a separate route and build mine to exactly what I wanted. A Volquartsen I-Fluted barrel, and a slew of Tandemkross accessories.

Tandemkross Accessories
Halo Charging Ring
Eagle Talon Extractor
Titan Extended Magazine Release
Thunder Hammer
Victory Trigger
Sentinel Stainless Steel Captured Spring Guide Rod

Not only do the Tandemkross accessories look good, they parts functioned flawlessly through 250 rounds of testing, excluding bad ammo.

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