Jug Test One

My first jug test shooting 45 auto, 230 grain, round nose, cast lead, powder coated bullets, from a 5 inch barrel 1911. Average velocity for these loads is 762 fps over the chronograph but most are around 775 fps. The lower end loads at 735-740 fps bring down the average. The round nose bullet penetrates all four jugs. Closest jug is 25 feet away. I am not sure what the BHN is on these bullets. Usually between 11 and 13. I will have another video coming where I use the same loads on a box of denim pants and capture one bullet. All the rest go through the box. The bullet is not deformed at all. These cast round nose penetrate a lot. I plan to test different bullets as time allows. My plan is to test lead cast hollow points for the next water jugs. I am testing different techniques including the box full of denim jeans. Stay tuned…

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