How To Brain Tan Moose Hide, Taught By An Indigenous Woman

As the elderly pass on, the art of brain tanning moose hides has been rapidly disappearing, so my wife – “Nikeeya” a member of the Dene Tha people – asked me to make this video documenting how she does it, so the knowledge can be kept alive.

Especially when it comes to making warm mukluks, brain tanned moose hide has qualities far superior to factory-tanned leather. The making of such hides involves a lot of work however, so it is very expensive to purchase (as it ought to be).

But if you have moose hide (as many hunters do) and are willing to put in the work, you can do it yourself. This video is designed to equip you for that.

During the course of her explanation, Nikeeya puts the hide-making process into the context of her people’s culture, sharing insights into how native people lived not that long ago (in her own lifetime). This includes mention of the residential schools and the way people made a living from trapping and the making of crafts.

If you are interested in seeing more of the crafts she makes, you can visit her page on Facebook named “Nikeeya’s Native Crafts” or just click here:

She also has a YouTube video displaying here work here: The Way To Native Chronicles’ Custom Clothing Line!

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