šŸ”„Sniper Challenge Hostage Rescue: Dayattherange & Midwest Long RangešŸ”„

Challenge Hostage Target

0:00 Challenge Intro
1:16 Midwest Long Range Intro
2:06 Description Of New Challenge
3:40 CZ452 Build & Shooting Conditions
4:14 Vudoo360 Midwest Build
7:14 Mr.Revolverguy Group
7:57 Midwest Group
9:07 Mr.Revolverguy 1st Hostage
10:10 Midwest 1st Hostage
10:39 Mr.Revolverguy 2nd Hostage
11:41 Midwest 2nd Hostage
12:07 Mr.Revolverguy 3rd Hostage
12:32 Midwest 3rd Hostage
13:02 Mr.Revolverguy 4th Hostage
13:37 Midwest 4th Hostage
14:10 Point Scored & Close Out

Midwest Long Range Score 35points .266in group
Dayattherange 17points .404in group
Total Sniper 52 points

If you want to see more great shooting from Chris and others at Midwest Long Range visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5PUry45F2veV-Ep8UyOgrA

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Though we love keeping the articles updated and making videoā€™s for the site it was important for the wife and I to have something more to offer. All funds go back into the channel for equipment and other items required to keep the site and channel going like ammunition.

Each item is made with love by the wife and ships promptly. There is not an online store at this moment as we did not want to add any additional cost to the items.

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