WCChapin | Range Report – Military Rifle Shoot | 200 Yard Bolt Action Iron Sight with the 03-A3 Target Rifle

A chilly day at the Hillsdale Rifle Club – 200 yards from sand bags with any iron-sight bolt action military rifle in a military chambering.

Built-Up Remington 03-A3
30-06 Springfield
26 7/8″ Hart 1:11 Twist Barrel
Redfield Palma Rear and International Match Front Sights
Some Sort of Replacement Trigger – I haven’t looked at it yet!

PPU Brass – Annealed, Full Length Sized, Trimmed, and Mandrel Expanded
Sierra 180 Match King
Remington 9 1/2 Primer
53.4 Grains IMR 4350
3.32 COAL, Approximately .025″ Off Contact
2,632 Average FPS

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