Low Case Fill Woes

I recently acquired my first revolver, a Taurus Judge Public Defender Polymer in 45 Colt/.410. At the same time I purchased some Hornady FTX Leverevolution cartridges so I could go to the range to play with my new toy.


A new caliber is a sickness, I quickly got around to buying dies and finding some 250gr plated round nose projectiles and large pistol primers at the local gun shop. Looking around hodgdonreloading.com I saw a recipe using Winchester AutoComp which I already had on-hand. The same 8.0gr recipe was also found in Propellant Profiles.

Low Case Fill Woes 3

I loaded up 20. As I was loading them I was concerned about the relatively low case fill and put a shout out on The Reloaders Network Headspace. There were a number of friendly comments as to what powders others were using with 45 Colt. But trusting my recipe I went to the range with chronograph in tow.

Low Case Fill Woes 5


The first shot was 321 fps, the second 249, the third was a poof and spray of powder of a misfire, the bullet about 3/4″ into the barrel.

Low Case Fill Woes 7

On the way home I stopped by the LGS looking for a pound of TrailBoss, or Unique, or Universal, or 231; he hasn’t received powder in two months. When pressed for a bulkier powder, he had some Alliant Clay Dot and a recipe in an older Alliant Catalog for 5.2gr. I purchased the Clay Dot, went home and pulled out Propellant Profiles again. Sure enough R.H. Vandenburg Jr had a ‘favorite’ recipe of 5.0gr of Clay Dot as well.

I weighed out 5.2gr of Clay Dot and 8.0gr of AutoComp. In the case they look similar. In the pan there is a considerable visual appearance.

Low Case Fill Woes 9

(My Frankford Arsenal digital scale reads 0.1gr higher than my Ohaus 5-0-5 at 8.0gr, I defer to the Ohaus.)

Low Case Fill Woes 11

Low Case Fill Woes 13 Low Case Fill Woes 15

I’ve heard of poor ignition with low case fill before, but I’ve never had a case as large (relatively speaking) as the 45 Colt, so I’m in uncharted, for me, territory.

In the name of science I found some 1/2″ O.D. acrylic tubing on Amazon, along with a 1/2″ serrated edge paper punch and set about an experiment.

Low Case Fill Woes 17

I made some ‘transparent’ cartridges of 8.0gr of AutoComp without and with a cover card. I also made a 5.2gr of Clay Dot without and with a cover card. The Clay Dot is a bit more static prone and clinging to the acrylic tubing, but it looks bulkier and as a flake powder, it should be more ignitable than the AutoComp ball powder.

So the test is:

8.0gr of AutoComp with a cover card.

5.2gr of Clay Dot without a cover card to see it it ignites better than the AutoComp. My theory is it will.

5.2gr of Clay Dot with a cover card to see if there is a change of velocity and extreme spread.

And finally 6.2g of Titegroup, my go to 9mm match powder, without cover cards.

Now off to the range!


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