WCChapin | A Little Bit of Left…A Little Bit of Down | First Shots from the Ruger M77 in 7x57mm Mauser

A quick look at the “sighting-in” shots – 25 Yards at Johnson’s Mosquito Ranch.

1976 “Liberty Model” Ruger Tang Safety M77R chambered in 7×57

Federal Brass (Annealed)
Full Length Sized with a LEE Sizing Die (Expander Removed)
Self-Made .282″ Expander in a Sinclair Expander Die
Very Light Case Mouth Flare with LEE Universal Expanding Die
Remington 9 1/2 Large Rifle Primer
47.6 Grains IMR 4831
3.0″ COAL
Estimated 2,557 FPS (Actual Average 2,511; Extreme Spread 31.5)

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