WCChapin | Tastes Like Chicken! First Attempt Shooting at Field Pistol Practice Silhouettes

I’m planning to participate in my first two Handgun Silhouette events later this month if everything comes together. This is my first time practicing shooting at the target shapes rather than standard round targets and gongs. It’s quite clear to me that I need *a lot* more practice!

For the first event, I’m planning to shoot a Thompson/Center Contender chambered in .32-20 (.308) TC in the IHMSA Field Pistol Any Sight class. I may also shoot another .270 REN Contender in the Field Pistol Production Class. Both classes are standing position.

I may take along some of my other silhouette handguns – the Match Director suggested that I bring different things to try a few shots with in the Big Bore classification to get a taste of that side of the game.

I lost some of the Chicken shooting footage, and a call from work interrupted the range time on the other targets. I’ll be back out again soon to work on my hold!

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