If The Women Don’t Find You Handsome…

…they’d better at least find you handy, as Red Green used to say.

A large rock smashed through the rear window of our old ’94 GMC Suburban on the way up to our the trapline, so it was duct tape to the rescue!

After seeing some nice bears (seven) along the way, we spent a day leveling the cabin, resolving mice entry issues and prepared to settle in for a few days of exploring and trail maintenance. Our plans got interrupted, however, because the forecast changed to a nasty storm warning, which would not be good for leaving later, given the type of road we had come in on.

In the near future, quads will be the only way of accessing the cabin but, for now, it’s nice to still drive in with the truck, so we can cart in large items like the new generator and wood stove we purchased.

Also, for Canadians interested in obtaining an Authorization To Carry permit, I explain how we deal with the legal restrictions on quad travel, when a handgun is involved.

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