WCChapin | Sighted at 100 or 200? | 357 Maximum in the Thompson Center Contender

Chronograph testing and evaluating a one grain powder charge increase of a cast lead 357 Max load.

16.0 grains of IMR 4227 flies straight and groups well out to about 175 yards from this 10″ T/C Contender barrel. At 200 yards, I have seen a small amount of wiggle indicated by the holes in the target. Perhaps a bit more muzzle velocity will help the bullet at long range – I need it to fly well enough to be effective on the 200 yard Rams!

I had previous used the 17.0 charge – I hadn’t tested it for velocity or performance at distances over 50 yards.

These shots are all high – I had forgotten that the scope had been dialed to shoot 200 yards! I need to keep better notes.

The bullet is cast from an old single cavity LEE wadcutter mold that I opened up to create a wide meplat semi-wadcutter around 215 to 220 grains.

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