Ruger No. 1 …in .45-120? (4K)

Check out this approach to a single-shot hunting rifle, especially if you want to hunt using cast bullets for your reloads. And reload you will, if you use this gun because it’s chambered in .45-120; a cartridge no longer manufactured (although the brass still is).

We even managed to get Matthew Quigley to stop by and share a few pointers!

Cast bullets are great, but they do have their limitations compared to jacketed when it comes to maximum velocities (and even expansion). So what to do? Well, shoot a heavier bullet (535 grain in this case) and make a bigger hole to begin with! (.45 cal)

The rifle shown in this video is a Ruger No. 1, custom-chambered for a cartridge and in a manner not often seen. Highly effective and proven in the field on Canada’s majestic moose, it’s use of peep sights instead of open or scope makes this a fast-shooting and highly accurate firearm.

This video is recorded in 4K video with much-improved sound quality.

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