Kimber K6S DASA TK Custom Revolver Spring Kit

Don’t ask me why I do these things to myself. In over 20 years of carrying revolvers one of the primary rules I have lived by is to never ever modify the trigger in anyway. I mean, think about it, the trigger mechanism is the first action that makes your boom stick go boom. After thinking about this some, I knew if I kept the original springs I could always go back to the original manufacturer setup. I badly wanted to test the TK Custom Kimber K6S Spring Kit simply to see if it was just a gimmick.
I mean, seriously, could anyone out there really improve upon a Kimber K6S trigger? When this revolver first hit the market it was one of the most innovative revolvers the firearm industry had seen in a long time. It was mostly branded as the lightest/smallest 6-shot revolver ever made. Frankly these qualities of the revolver didn’t get much attention because everyone was commending Kimber’s work on the revolver’s trigger. The Kimber K6S was being heralded as having the smoothest non-stacking double action factory trigger to have ever been produced. I must say even I was impressed and even considered parting with every J-Frame revolver I had.

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