WCChapin | RIA M1911A1-CS “Officer” 45 Auto | Testing the Powder Coated LEE 452-200-SWC for TinMan

My friend TinMan said, “I just find myself having to REALLY take my time getting this LEE 452-200-SWC to seat straight otherwise it’ll shave lead. I don’t think I can flare the case anymore, and I have a flat seating stem in.”

After a few text messages back and forth, I decided to make a carefully fitted seating stem for the LEE 45 Auto seating die. I quickly casted a couple magazines worth of bullets, powder coated, sized and loaded them for testing.

45 Automatic, RP Brass
LEE Carbide Sizing Die
LEE Powder Through Expander Die
Wolf Large Pistol Primer
4.1 Grains Alliant Bullseye (LEE Safety Disk Powder Measure .46 cc)
LEE 452-200-SWC, Powder Coated Harbor Freight Red
LEE .452 Push-Through Sizing Die
LEE Seating Die with Custom Seating Stem
1.24″ COAL

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