WCChapin | Remington 760 Carbine – Cast .308 Win | Trying the Modified LEE C309-160RN at 100 Yards

Awhile back I modified a single cavity LEE C309-160RN bullet mold by milling off the gas check shank portion – resulting in a plain base bullet that drops at about 130 grains.

The powder coated, lubed and sized bullets printed well at 50 yards from my Remington 760 Carbine chambered in .308 Winchester, so it made sense to press the yardage out a bit further.

Remington 760 Carbine – .308 Winchester
18 1/2″ Barrel 1:10 Twist

Weaver V4.5-1
Post and Crosshair Reticle
Weaver Pivot Base and Rings

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