45 Colt Loaded With 185gr Everglades Competition JHP

I have been shooting the Everglades Ammo 9mm 125gr Competition JHP for some time in the Magnum Research/IWI Baby Eagle that I use for club matches and have been very happy with them. The Everglades Competition JHP is a very close clone of the Hornady Action Pistol JHP with some dimensional differences; quite sufficient for club matches and general steel ringing. I recently picked up some of Everglades 185gr Competition JHP intended for .45 ACP and found them to be very nice shooters in my Taurus Judge Magnum with the 3″ chamber.

I put together this video of me loading 50 rounds, and talk about my challenges loading 45 Colt, originally a black powder cartridge, with modern high pressure smokeless cartridge powders in the relative absence of old school smokeless powders. I laid hands on some Bullseye powder locally, but have been unable to find Unique or Universal that I was seeking. Claydot as recommended by my LGS was a poor performer.

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