WCChapin | Way More Fun than it Should Be! | First Shots from the .45-70 Government Browning 1885 High Wall

Impromptu afternoon shooting at Johnson’s Mosquito Ranch with the Browning 1885 High Wall.

Mark called me as I was loading up after finishing the Military Rifle Shoot – he asked if I had shot the 45-70 yet…

Soo…I made a quick stop at home to grab the rifle and some ammo, then headed out to the Ranch for some plinking and dinner!

Mark’s friend Tammy even made a surprise appearance with coffee… “Hold your fire…”

A special thanks to my friend Kevin for offering the 1885. It’s always fun to buy things out of his gun safe! A few of my favorites have come from his personal collection: the Remington 600 Magnum and Ruger M77 Flat Bolt (both in .350 Remington Magnum), the Winchester Model 70 Mannlicher, the Browning Pre-War Superposed 12 Gauge Skeet, etc…

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