CZ BRNO Model 5 Range Review: Can This Old Dog Hunt?

Correction — Barrel length 22in

Model 5 rifles are a hard to find variation. Speculation is that they were developed in 1958 mostly as a training rifle for Middle Eastern countries. They were a mix of patterns, using the barrel and stock of the Model 1, a new trigger based on the Model 4, and either Model 1 or 2 pattern sights. As usual other variations are also found. Many were part of a short lived UAR, and later Egyptian contract, with some also for Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. Approximately 33,000* were made with an estimated 15,000 going to the Middle East. Also called the ZKM 573.

The 1950s BRNO production of 22 rimfire rifles is considered a peak in innovation and workmanship. They are highly respected in the rimfire world, and in the opinion of many, these classic rifles have yet to be surpassed even decades later.

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