WCChapin | Sighting a Classic Short Magnum | Remington 700 Classic in .350 Rem Mag

Trying out a recently purchased Remington Model 700 Classic (1985) chambered in .350 Remington Magnum.

The first shots were taken from the 200 yard bench after bore sighting – I was already set up from shooting a 1917 U.S, Enfield and an 1891 Argentine Mauser.

I later discovered that I had previously prepared a batch of the same starting load for my Remington Model Seven KS, but hadn’t yet fired them.

Data from the Speer Handling Manual Number 15:

Remington .350 Rem Mag Brass
Remington No. 9 1/2 Large Rifle Primer
Speer 220 Grain Hot-Cor SP
58.0 Grains Winchester 748
Estimated 2,515 FPS

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