WCChapin | Glenfield 30 “Scout” – Part 8 | Mark’s First Date with Glenda

A date with Glenda at Johnson’s Mosquito Ranch – Mark gives the XS Sights Lever Scout Mount a try on the Glenfield 30 with his favorite light .30-30 Winchester cast bullet load.

When I purchased my first Model 94 Winchester a several years back, Mark gave me a tub of his LEE Liquid Alox lubed C309-150F cast bullets and his Trail Boss recipe – he may have even given me that first batch of powder – the details have faded a little.

I set up the dies (including a 375 Winchester Powder Through Charging Die fitted with a 30 Caliber insert) for the LEE Classic Turret Press…and that’s what I’ve loaded under several different batches of the same cast bullet.

It’s always fun smacking the steel with reduced lever gun loads!

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