WCChapin | The Girls Help with the Target… | Evaluating an 1895 Chilean Mauser at 100 Yards

Just in case the 7×57 fans change the poll results, I’d best start getting ready by firing a few 7×57 Rounds from the 1895!

See the vote for which rifle to take in the Community tab of my YouTube channel.

I have pretty good dope for the other rifles listed as options for for the June 10, 2023 Military Rifle Shoot at Hillsdale Rifle Club. Only the 1895 Chilean hasn’t had range time at 200 yards.

This Mauser Chileno Modelo 1895 is a decent rifle that has appeared on my channel in a few other videos / live streams. I think it will do well at 200 yards once I figure out the hold. I’ll be ready to go if the poll results change!

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