Rimfire Lever Guns And Value Accuracy Ammo

Our very popular and handy 22LR lever guns aren’t known for tack driving accuracy – their construction does not allow for that. However, what level of accuracy can they meet – especially with the gamut of available 22LR ammo before us? And how useful is the level of accuracy they can provide? After all, recall that Annie Oakley amazed European royalty with her offhand shooting at 25 yards. So the trick with our 22LR guns is we have to balance 1) accuracy potential of our gun, 2) accuracy potential of our 22LR ammo, 3) cost of any particular 22LR ammo and 4) purpose and use for the system. This is the meaning of value accuracy. For example, if we have an accuracy build 10/22 or a very accurate 22 bolt gun, we won’t settle for ammo that gives us flyers or half flyers with every other shot. We simply want one hole 10 shot groups at 50 yards. But for hunting, we might very well be happy with adequate size groups while having flyers every 5th – 8th round. For plinking, anything that functions while rolling tin cans will do. Let’s explore all of this in this video…

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