Right on the Nose! | My First Hit on an IHMSA 500 Meter Ram

My friend Mike offered the opportunity to give the 500 Meter Rams a try at the recent Silhouette shoot at the A. P. Goodrich Rifle and Pistol Club. I think He’s trying to inspire me to get an Ultra 500 gun together.

I was shooting Mike’s 7-30 Waters T/C Contender. This cartridge is basically a .30-30 Winchester necked to 7mm. Just previous to my attempts, he had wrapped up a nice performance for a personal best. I have a little bit of video from his 500 Meter Rams if there is interest.

I have a few Contender barrels to choose from that could potentially work for the event…I’m leaning towards a Super 14 .30 Herrett that came from my Father. I could also shoot .30-30 Winchester, .357 Herrett, 35 Remington, or .358 JDJ – there are plenty of options!

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