Arken EP8 Installed. Thank You!!

In this video, we take some high rings from our Ruger American to install the Arken EP8 onto out AR 350 Legend. We mount the Arken SH4 Gen2 onto the Ruger American with Wheeler low rings from CW Longshot. The EP8 was a Christmas present from American Hillbilly, Viejo (Walter), Gizzard Gary, TheScottishAmerican, Edward Petty, Marc Thomas, Macman039 Reloading, ReloadingFrom the HotPot and MS. HotShot, GarageGuy, CW Longshot, Chris From the 740, Kyle Lusk, Dwayne879, and Hazzbro. Thank you guys so much. You’re all way to good to me! And thank you for watching.

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