DRONE Records Conflict With BEAR!!! (4k)

While flying a drone to make a video of testing my rifle, a bear began destroying our camp – just yards away from where my wife and I were. This required some quick thinking (which ended in shooting the bear). After everything was done, I checked the drone’s video footage and found it had been recording the entire incident, so I am sharing this rather unusual footage.

This occurred on our trapline in northern Alberta. The rifle used was a single-shot Ruger No. 1, custom-chambered for the buffalo-hunting-era .45-120 cartridge, using 540 grain, cast bullets. The drone in play was a “DJI Mini 3 Pro.”

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00:00 – Introduction
00:42 – The Predicament
00:54 – Camp Layout
01:45 – Range Before Bear
02:34 – Rifle and Ammo Used
02:56 – Wife Spots Bear
03:14 – Deciding What To Do
03:41 – Trying To Shoo Bear
03:57 – Shooting Bear
04:11 – Getting Drone Control Back
04:39 – Drone Overhead View
05:45 – Concluding Remarks
06:00 – Invite To Next Video


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