Champion WHEELYBIRD Customer Service Report / Channel Update

I broke my remote-controlled clay pigeon thrower and this is how the manufacture handled it. Also some news about my plans for this channel at the end.
Wheelybird 2.0 review- Electric Clay Target Thrower – Wheelybird 2.0
Zilpo Campground reservations-


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Targets I use frequently in my videos-
5″ stick on targets-
3″ stick on targets-
2″ stick on targets-
1″ stick on targets-
Full size cardboard USPSA style targets-
Small size 9×15 cardboard USPSA style targets-
Turkey targets-
Pull scales I use
One Tigris-
Lyman (12 lb limit)-
MTM (the red one)-
Caldwell (the green/grey one)-
22 snap caps-
Caldwell Chronograph-
HD Staple Gun-
Staples for above stapler-

Thanks to Greg Wilson and his daughter Megan for providing the banjo music. –


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