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500 Yards 22 Magnum TC Contender

500 Yards 22 Magnum TC Contender

What happens when Wyoming has a long winter and Steve is locked up in his shop for way too long? He puts together an awesome gun, that’s what! This one is a TC Contender with an EA Brown barrel chambered in 22 Mag. This could be the perfect rifle for our 500 yard rimfire zombie. […]

Casting, Loading, & Shooting 250gr Coated Cast Lead Hollow Points 44 Magnum

Today, I show in this video the entire process from start to finish how I cast, powder coat, load, and shoot some 250gr coated cast lead hollow points in the 44 magnum. This is one of my "go to" loads for blasting milk jugs without much recoil.  These loads are perfect for maximum explosion with minimal recoil--great for those milk jug duels with the buddies.  Got questions?  Feel free to leave me a comment below, and I will do my best to answer it!
New Pistol Range

New Pistol Range

My new backyard handgun range. Ghost RiderI’ve been shooting for about 40 years and reloading for 25. I had 9 years in Law Enforcement. I started making boom-stick YouTube videos in 2017. I’ve added cameras, a new laptop, better editing software and a green screen studio to make my vids as good as I can. […]
Awesome Ebay Bullet Trap

Awesome Ebay Bullet Trap

Description from listing: Target area 12" x 12", For use with .17 to .44 magnum pistol ammo, All ammunition larger than .22 needs to be FMJ or lead, All welded 1/4" construction, Centrifugal type, Low spatter, Designed and built in USA, Unit weight 43 pounds