Greetings from Prince of Wales Island in SE Alaska.

I am AlaskanGuy or AG for short. I live in what some would call a remote place in a very small village on an island about 200 miles from the mainland in SE Alaska. There are about 1000 miles of old logging roads on the island and one paved road north and south we call the Main Line. There is no fast food here, except that Sitka Blacktail deer disappearing into the dense rainforest. Mail comes via Float plane and gets dropped off at our boat dock when the weather permits which can sometimes take weeks.

I hunt/fish/gather for food and we live a subsistence lifestyle here. Most don’t have Internet, no cell service, many don’t have telephone or power at all and live off the grid completely. I use satellite internet. We also don’t have any sort of wells or community water systems, but cache rain water into storage tanks for individual needs.

I reload, Cast, make Black Powder, build arrows and whatever it takes to bring home the bacon. Ammunition can’t be shipped here via airmail, so we make do best we can with powder and primers delivered by local boats from the mainland when available.

I also make as much of my own furniture as I can, fix whatever needs fixing whenever it needs fixing, mill my own lumber with a chainsaws, and am totally a do it your-selfer out of necessity. Some days I am a plumber, others I am a worship leader at our tiny church, and others I am the local mushroom guy and animal doctor. I am always a gun guy.

I expect to write about subsistence lifestyle, reloading for necessity, BP and shotgun stuff, casting, outdoors, and anything else that non political. Don’t expect a lot of videos cuz they take up my upload quota pretty fast but who knows..

See ya around.


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