‘SIZING CAST PROJECTILES’ . . . From Lube-Sizing to Lee push through to an Upside Down Press . . . “What?”

‘In the beginning…’ I started casting and ‘Lube-Sized’ my rifle/pistol projectiles…back then, the choice of lube was a hot topic and there were many heated exchanges about which lube would allow particular advantages. Some lubes required a ‘heater’ to be installed under the Sizer, some not. ‘Leading’ of the barrel was a problem when the […]

Making a Cast HP with a Drill . . .

Last week I came across an interesting video about using a drill motor and a home made jig to make Hollow Point Cast projectiles out of your solid casts you already have. This way, you don’t need an expensive HP mould to get into loading and testing the HP Cast. This is the video I […]
200 grain 38 Special – Lyman 358430

200 grain 38 Special – Lyman 358430

No POWER in the shop…No PROBLEM…it’s ‘Old School’ today using the turret, beam scale and a Lee dipper. Kenny at Eagle Eye Shooting sent me this old, out-of-production mould to enjoy. This is the old cast round that LE used to carry back in their ‘.38 Special wheel-gun’ days. They referred to it as a […]
Version 2

POWDER THROWS ~ Let’s talk some…

How many hundreds or thousands of times have we looked into the powder filled case prior to setting and seating the projectile and had that uneasy feeling that…’that powder level doesn’t look right’? How many times have you listened to that uneasy feeling and stopped and weighed every charge that made us question the powder […]
Brass Catcher –  Dilemma

Brass Catcher – Dilemma

I’m getting ready for another season of shooting but have to replace the net in the brass catcher, it’s a couple years old and BabyGirl has given it a fit too. I got a new idea from Joe Leadslinger and Grmps last year and thought I might give this a try. Give me your 2¢ […]
LEE BHN testing gets UPGRADED

LEE BHN testing gets UPGRADED

A NEW PRODUCT available in the store. This will revolutionize the way you handle the 20X power measuring scope…save time and frustration making delicate dimple measurements. My hat is off to James…’Loads Of Bacon‘ for his design, engineering and printing of this amazing ‘Measuring Scope Stand’. Thanks for watching, be kind to your neighbors […]