DIY Wet or Dry Tumbler from Scooter Drive Unit

DIY Wet or Dry Tumbler from Scooter Drive Unit

Built this thing from a mobility scooter drive and stuff I had around. 50 cent pails from the bakery [don’t ask]. One bucket is bolted to the hub of the drive unit. I call it a sleeve drive. Tumbling buckets just slip in that one and you can use any combination of tumbling methods without […]

Pop Goes the Primer

So, I was out shooting some range footage for the stash. Had a Hot Load that jammed me up. Flattened the primer pretty good. Blew it out completely. At least it pulled free of the chamber. Small favor from above, kids. In this photo I pimp my buddy Mike’s gun shop as well. Treats me […]

DIY wet tumbler. A teaser.

Range squirrel got me looking for a drive for a wet tumbler similar to his with a wiper motor. This Mobility scooter drive unit  is what I found. Quick clip because I don’t have time to do anything much beyond showing what the raw drive looks like to start. I will post another video tomorrow […]
UltraSonic Range Brass Cleaning

UltraSonic Range Brass Cleaning

Ok, folks. My first ever, yes “ever” public video. I use a vintage dental tool ultrasonic cleaner to clean cases when I get in from the range. I much prefer it to dry media tumbling, and, while I never tried wet pin tumbling, it looks like a lot of effort for a really nice job. […]
Lee Case Collator Mod with Lee Multitube Adaptor Decapping 9MM

Lee Case Collator Mod with Lee Multitube Adaptor Decapping 9MM

First, let me apologize for the truly horrid audio of the last half of the video. Lee Universal Decaper using Lee Case Collator and Lee Multitube Adaptor for the Lee Bullet Feeder. Decapping a couple hundred 9MM brass from the morning at the range. The Disk in the hopper keeps you from dropping cases directly into […]

Shooting Ruger American W/ 180 gr and 230 gr. Lee cast bullets.

Shooting this Ruger American Ranch Rifle in .300 AAC /BLK / Whisper: gathering data to dial in some bolt action sub sonics. I shoot some test loads in a Ruger American Ranch in .300 BLK. A couple bullets that I cast but had less than good results in my AR platform Rifle[s] 180 grain Lee Precision C309-180-R Double Cavity Mold and the 230 grain Missiles Lee Double Cavity Mold .309-230-5R.

More 230 grain Lee mold bullets in the Ruger American

Well, folks, this may be my last range video. Just becoming an awful lot of trouble to completely load and unload it from the vehicle to the basement every trip. Remember to charge everything, hope for good weather, and end up with a less than quality video regardless of what I do. Ok, whining over, […]

230 grn. 300 BLK Sub Sonics Shout Out to Kyle Lusk

No video, just old skewl text and crayon drawings.. Back with some new data on the 230 Grain Lee “Missile” atop 5.5 grains of CFE Pistol in the Ruger American 300 BLK bolt gun.The Shout out is to Kyle because a few weeks back we were in a dialog via Email or Facebook about these […]

Shout out to Uncle Jim Neat Idea on storing turrets.

Uncle Jim posted this idea and I just stole it from him: https://thereloadersnetwork.com/2018/09/08/a-simple-rack-for-your-extra-lee-4-hole-turrets/ I was so impressed with this idea, I dug through my brass pile and found some .308 Win. and 7.62 NATO cases n the scrap bucket. I have cutoffs of “Engineered” decking and the  items were screaming to be joined. So I […]