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Having retired recently, and now that I have time to ponder my hobby instead of concentrating on working for some company, I have assembled some of the things that I think I have learned over the years of playing around with firearms. I have been looking for a place to publish my thoughts on the subject, some place where communications can take place without Advertisers and Politicians. Hopefully at least one person will get some benefit from the thoughts I publish here on The Reloaders Network. Here is a little personal background. 18 years following my US Foreign Service father to many parts of the world, 2 years Merchant Marine, 2 years college, 6 years US Navy, 15 years Field Service Engineer, 2 years cruising the Pacific by sailboat, 25 years with a trucking company as Driver, Dispatcher, and Projects IT Manager. Oh, and 2 years straight goofing off. Started reloading in 1968 while attending college. Spent 4 years (high school) under the direction of a US Marine field armorer.

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