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How to Make an Anti-Bullet in 3 Easy Steps

How to Make an Anti-Bullet in 3 Easy Steps

As a matter is to anti-matter, so is a bullet to an anti-bullet. Also a Tribute to Martin Luther King, and the freedoms denied to him. Also, if you pay attention, there’s a hint about what I’m working on. GunFun ZSGunFunZS (AKA just GunFun in some venues) is an avid tinkerer. He is a techy […]

You should probably check out TorkMags.

I've finally bought a product that I have been watching for at least a year. The Tork Mag is a durable plastic mag with two springs in it that lets you put more rounds in a smaller package. They come in 50, 40, and 35 round capacities. This is a well made mag that is probably more reliable than a normal 30 round, not some gimmicky range toy. These are really well made mags that are theoretically immune to binding, and the pricing is remarkably reasonable.
Progressive Primer Pocket Swaging on the Lee Auto Breech Lock Pro

Progressive Primer Pocket Swaging on the Lee Auto Breech Lock Pro

A modification to the LEE ABLP so that you can progressively deprime, swage, (trim?), and resize in one operation. Convert your miltary brass. Also using this with a large primer pocket swager will identify small primer brass in calibers such as 45 ACP, 308 Winchester, Palma, 6.5 Creedmoor GunFun ZSGunFunZS (AKA just GunFun in some […]

A Lawyer’s Rant about Self Defense Myths

Frequently online and gunstore pontificators will talk about whether a certain gun, or type of ammo, or firearms accessory will screw you over if you ever use it in self defense. Attorneys will pretty much never argue about that nonsense in court..... Don't be the kind of guy to get into trouble. If you don't have a choice, be silent about it, then be honest about it. Being justified is everything, and your whole case is about whether people believe that you are justified. Don't make up stuff. Don't spread myths....
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A Better Way to Reload Buckshot: Counting and filling

  This is the first chapter in the buckshot reloading series, and you can read the introduction here:  An introduction to Reloading Buckshot In that introduction, we identified that one of the primary reasons people generally don’t reload buckshot is as follows>   The problem: It takes a lot of time to accurately count out […]

An introduction to Reloading Buckshot

  Reloading buckshot is not a very popular practice for a few reasons. People aren’t in the habit of shooting buckshot because it is expensive. Also most commercial buckshot is poorly made, and leads to low expectation for what it can do. Most methods and recipes in books for reloading buckshot require fiddly and scarce […]
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Who is GunFun and is his channel dead?

I wanted to debut on TRN with some really cool and clever series, but I decided to just upload whatever came next and put it here too. As it happens, I have a large queue of potential topics, some of which have part of the work done, others of which are figments of a fevered […]