GunFun ZS

GunFunZS (AKA just GunFun in some venues) is an avid tinkerer. He is a techy guy with experience in commercial fishing, fabrication and the practice of law, and some other stuff too. He knows gun law professionally, and ballistics as an enthusiastic amateur student of many years. Show. Him. The. Data.

He loves paintball and motorcycles, and making knives. He grew up shooting at pests in Alaska, and that formed a lot of his shooting biases and bad habits.

When he got a Saiga 12 and was helped by the people on the Saiga forum to improve and modify his gun, that really changed his perspective on firearms. Now he is very comfortable doing thoughtful modifications on any gun. Not much longer, and he was making his own ammunition. He’s also privately proud that products he designed or suggested modifications to are made by several firearms parts manufacturers. He has designed two cast bullets with the help of others, and both shoot well.

His videos and written posts will generally be about things that he isn’t finding better information about in any one other place. Either questions he had, or was asked and had to find answers to. After a lot of research and experimentation, he will make written posts and videos which aggregate his findings, or sometimes ask for input from the hivemind. There’s a lot of smart and experienced people out there for him to learn from, and he’s honored that they give him any of their time.

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