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Hello, and welcome.  I’m very glad you’re here!  My name is James, but I am commonly referred to as Bacon, Loads of Bacon, or LoB.  I am a devout Christian, and nothing means more to me than my relationship with God, or with my beautiful wife and our six precious children.  I do have several passions and hobbies, and some of those include bacon, (because everything is better with bacon!), and the various aspects of the shooting sports.

I have been shooting and reloading since the turn of the century, and as the years have progressed I find myself more and more involved.  I have a desire to share with others, and I started the Loads of Bacon YouTube channel in February, 2017.  Recurring topics in many of my videos include reloading, bullet casting, powder coating cast bullets, and hollow point bullet testing.  In the fall of 2017 I began uploading my videos to other sites in addition to YouTube.  The Reloaders Netowrk is now my primary public platform, but you can you can also find most of my videos at the various sites listed below.

In February, 2018 I worked with a few outstanding men and built the initial portion of the The Reloaders Network, the chat on Slack, (which has since moved to Discord).  That quickly grew in numbers, but didn’t quite fill all of our needs, so in April, 2018 we expanded The Reloaders Network to include a full blog and website.  (You can read more about both of those efforts on the “Why I Created The Reloaders Network” page.)


In April, 2019 we expanded The Reloaders Network once again to include a social media site that we called Headspace. You can find my profile on Headspace here: https://headspace.thereloadersnetwork.com/profile/?loads-of-bacon/


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Loads of Bacon 3https://www.facebook.com/Loads.O.Bacon/
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Several extremely generous folks have asked how they can contribute and support.  Thank you!

There are several options listed on this page:  Support The Reloaders Network

Loads of Bacon 7Will make videos for bacon:  https://www.patreon.com/LoadsofBacon
Loads of Bacon 9Tip jar:  https://www.paypal.me/LoadsofBacon

In Addition to The Reloaders Network, Much of My Video Content is Also Found on the Following Sites

Loads of Bacon 11https://www.youtube.com/LoadsofBacon
Loads of Bacon 13https://videos.utahgunexchange.com/@LoadsofBacon
 Loads of Bacon 15https://gunstreamer.com/@LoadsOfBacon
Loads of Bacon 17https://www.bitchute.com/LoadsofBacon/
Loads of Bacon 19http://www.dailymotion.com/LoadsOfBacon
Loads of Bacon 21https://www.twitch.tv/loads_of_bacon/videos/all
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